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Goods which prove unsuitable may be returned. Please return the product to us within the timeline. More information about your return rights can be found here:  Return rights

Warranty & Repair

All of our products set a very high standard in quality and durability. However, even with our products a defect can not be entirely ruled out. Should you have purchased a product with a fault and to make sure a complaint or repair will be handled as quick and easy for you, we ask you to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name, address und telephone number
  • Customer id and / or invoice id
  • Part number and product name
  • Statement whether it is a warranty case (24 months from date of purchase) or charged repair
  • Detailed description of the complaint
  • Vehicle information (manufacturer / model / type / engine / year of construction)

Step 2

We will record the warranty/repair into the system and email you a returns number. We kindly ask you to provide this number at all inquiries.

Step 3

Send the cleaned and well packed parts, indicating the returns number to the following address:

  • KW automotive GmbH
  • Return case id
  • Aspachweg 14
  • 74427 Fichtenberg Deutschland

Step 4

After receipt of these parts, they will be repaired immediately and sent back to you. Please provide the return case id number at all inquiries.