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ST suspensions - as individual as never before

Now you can customize your ST suspensions coilover kit and personalize it just for you! Simply select your favorite spring color out of the many options and even add a personalized message on the springs! To raise the bar even higher on your perfect spring setup, we also offer optional spring kits in different ates and lengths for your XTA coilover kit.

Lowering has never been so individual!

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Option 2.

Personalized spring text

"Add a personalized message on your springs with up to 25 letters that will be printed on a separate spring winding. This doesn’t not replace our standard TUV spring markings."

Try Your Own Text:

You can only use letter a-z and A-Z and whitespaces.

Customize now
The individual spring marking does not replace the tüv marking.

Optional race spring packages

For XTA coilover kits you can order additional race spring packages in different spring rates and lengths to further customize the setup of your ST suspension kit. The optional race spring packages can also be customized to an individual spring color and customized message.

Thanks to various spring rates and lengths, we offer the ideal race spring package for you!

Expiry of the expert opinions Validity / registrability according to §19.2

The use of springs deviating from the parts certificate invalidates the operating permit according to §19.2. This can be regained by a single acceptance after $21. We can provide spring data sheets as a working basis for the expert. These contain the information that the springs are permanent. Ultimately, however, it is always at the discretion of the expert whether he makes the entry.

Your individual suspension

Check out the customization of your ST product!