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Maximum performance, no compromises.

Your entrance into the king's class of driving dynamics with the most versatile ST coilover kit we ever built.

  • stepless lowering
  • adjustable rebound damping [1]
  • High- and Lowspeed adjustable compression damping [2]
  • personal spring color and spring text
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The perfect suspension setup
for any challenge


Two- way adjustable compression damping
Maximum performance for your car


24 x more control:
Independently adjustable low- and highspeed compression damping in 24 clicks each


Strong compression stage

For an even more precise steering

  • more direct steering
  • pitch and roll movements of the body are reduced
  • Adaption to the tire stiffness

Reduced rebound stage

For a more comfortable setup

  • increased driving comfort
  • Adaption to the tire stiffness
  • Increased tire grip level at optimum wheel load changes

With the adjustable compression damping you can further adapt the vehicle-specific basis setup of the XTA plus 3 coilover kit to your personal needs at deflecting.


Lowspeed compression stage

  • At low damper speeds
  • Particularly affects the steering precision of your car
  • Has effect on the chassis support at slow impusles such as accelerating
  • Affects grip level

Highspeed compression stage

  • At fast damper speeds
  • Has especially effect on the chassis support at fast impulses of the damper
  • Affects the driving behavior when driving over:
    • transverse joints
    • short bumps
    • pot holes

Generally speaking: The tighter the compression damping is adjusted on the front axle, the more precise and direct the handling gets. On the rear axle, a sportier adjusted compression setup leads to increased track stability during load changes and helps to reduce oversteer.

Simply more driving dynamics with adjustable KW rebound technology

KW rebound technology

16 x more driving pleasure, adjustable rebound damping in 16 clicks

More sportiness, more body movement control

Strong rebound stage

  • Improved handling by increased connection of the body movement to the road
  • Reduced pitch and roll movements of the body
  • Prevents uncontrolled decompressing after strong impulses of the compression stage

More driving comfort

Reduced rebound stage

  • Increased ride comfort
  • Increased driving comfort
  • Traction on the powered axle is increased

With the adjutable rebound damping you can especially regulate the body movements of your car.

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Strong rebound stage

The rebound damping force is incresed with turning the adjustment knob clockwise. Each of the 16 clicks gives you a noticeable adjustment of the rebound damping force and a more sporty setup.

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Reduced rebound stage

If you turn the adjustment know counter-clockwise, the rebound damping force is decreased and the setup gets more comfortable by each of the 16 clicks.

Precise handling thanks to adjustable unibal top mounts

unibal top mounts

Perfectly adjust the the camber at the front axle with the unibal top mounts.

Our XTA plus 3 coilover kits come with adjustable aluminium unibal top mounts, depending on the vehicle type.

  • sealed unibal top mounts
  • scalable camber adjustment
  • optinal also adjustable in caster
  • for a maximum tire's contact patch for driving in fast corners and a more direct handling.

Individually height-adjustable up to maximum lowering

height adjustable

Seamless lowering for the perfect look of your car

Individually height-adjustable
With the ST XTA plus 3 coilover kit, you can perfectly adjust the look of your vehicle with the seamless lowering.

  • adjustable spring perch made from polyamide composite material with a stainless steel insert
  • no oxidation thanks to the adjustable spring perch
  • permanent use of the height adjustment

ST Customization

Choose your favorite color from 18 options in combination with your personal spring text. Also available at ST are numerous additional spring packages for your coilover kit.

  • Personal spring color Personal spring color
  • personal spring text personal spring text
  • additional spring packages additional spring packages
Spring color RAL1026 Spring color RAL1021 Spring color RAL2003 Spring color RAL2005 Spring color RAL3020 Spring color RAL4010
Spring color RAL6018 Spring color RAL5021 Spring color RAL5012 Spring color RAL5002 Spring color RAL4008 Spring color RAL4010
Spring color RAL6029 Spring color RAL9005 Spring color RAL9007 Spring color RAL7035 Spring color RAL9003 Spring color RAL1036
  • Personal spring color Personal spring color
  • personal spring text personal spring text
  • additional spring packages additional spring packages
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High quality components
and functionality

Like all ST products, the XTA plus 3 meets our high quality standards along with maximum functionality.

weather resistant - professionally tested weather resistant - professionally tested with salt spray test
high-quality powder coating high-quality powder coating in your individual color
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Comprehen­sive service program

In addtion to our excellent product quality, we also meet the highest standards in the service sector.

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