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Experience the Ultimate Coolness of Summer 2023:
Get Ready For Your Best Summer Ever
with the ST Summer Sale and Save Up to €250!

Are you ready to give your car an upgrade and enjoy improved driving fun? Then it is time to make use of this year’s ST Summer Sale and treat yourself with some stylish ST height-adjustable springs or with ST coilovers with included parts certificate – 100 % German engineering quality. For those of you ordering either of these ST products between July 1, 2023, and August 31, 2023, through our online shop or at participating retailers, can save up to €250!

ST Summer Sale 2023 is valid for all ST springs and ST coilover kits* – no matter which car you own

ST height adjustable springs125,00 Euro
ST X coilover suspension kit150,00 Euro
ST XA coilover suspension kit175,00 Euro
ST XTA coilover suspension kit200,00 Euro
ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension kit250,00 Euro

*Disclaimer: Before ordering, please check whether your country participates in the ST Summer Sale 2023. The Cash Back amount can differ between countries and currencies. To prevent further problems, please get information at your local importeur

Finding the right ST product has never been easier: Enter your vehicle data in our online shop and see which ST products are suitable for your car. ST Summer Sales is valid for all cars and models for which we engineered ST Suspensions coilovers with parts certificate. For every common vehicle brand, we offer suitable products.

How to save money with ST Summer Sale 2023:

Let’s imagine you own an Audi A3 Sportback and choose a ST XA coilover kit for €1,147.16. In addition to your order, you fill in the participation form on this website and upload the invoice of your order. Within 60 days you get a refund of €175**. In the end, you only paid €972,16 for your brand-new coilovers. Disclaimer: We need to receive the documents until September 30, 2023, via this page.

** = Manufacturer’s suggested retail Price (MSRP) including 19% VAT

Participation form

1. The ST Summer Sale campaign ( in the following also called Cash Back) is organized and carried out by:
Within Europe: KW automotive GmbH, Aspachweg 14, 74427 Fichtenberg, Germany
Outside of Europe: from the KW automotive GmbH importer or subsidiary, contact:

1. This campaign is only valid for a new ST suspensions coilover kit or height adjustable spring kit that was bought within the promotional period from July 1st to August 31st 2023 of the following types:

ST Height Adjustable Springs
ST X Coilover Kit
ST XA Coilover Kit
ST XTA Coilover Kit
ST XTA plus 3 Coilover Kit

2. The sales promotion is only valid for ST coilover kits or height adjustable spring kits according tot he currently available ST suspensions application program.

3. The customer shall receive the following cashback / refund fort he ST coilover kit X, XA, XTA and XTA plus 3, as well as height adjustable spring kits, that was bought at an official ST / KW dealer at the country of residence within the promotional period:

ST height adjustable springs 125,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT
ST X Coilover Kit 150,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT
ST XA Coilover Kit 175,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT
ST XTA Coilover Kit 200,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT
ST XTA plus 3 Coilover Kit 250,00 Euro incl. 19% VAT

Cash Back amount differs slightly from country to country depending on currency, VAT rate and exchange rate. Each end customer can claim this cashback / refund only for one single coilover kit or height adjustable spring kit.

4. All products that are not listed here, ST suspensions coilover kits that were used or won at prize games are excluded from this campaign.

5. The refund is paid by money transfer via bank. The participants must be holder of a bank account in the country of residence and indicate their bank details or PayPal data in order that the KW automotive GmbH / the ST importer / the KW automotive subsidiary can assign the transfer of the cash back amount. The bank details or PayPal data are exclusively used for this campaign and will be deleted after the transfer was made. The collected information will not be given to third parties. Possibly arising bank fees must be paid by the participant.

6. In case the refund of the temporary ST Cash Back campaign may represent a taxable advantage, the obligation to pay the taxes is with the recipient of the cashback amount.

7. Only people that have permanent residence in the country where the ST coilover was purchased at an official ST dealer and who are already the legal age may participate at the ST Cash Back campaign. Employees of the KW automotive GmbH and their family members, representatives of KW automotive GmbH and persons who are professionally involved in this Cash Back campaign are excluded from participating at this campaign.

8. By sending the required documents, the participants accept the terms and conditions of participation.

9. The process of the ST Cash Back campaign is as follows:

a) The participant purchases one of the above mentioned products (see point 2) within the promotional period between July 1st and August 31st 2023. Date of purchase is valid according to the KW automotive GmbH invoice.
b) The participant sends a completely filled out entry form as well as a proof of purchase (copy of invoice) to:

Within Europe:

Outside of Europe:
KW automotive GmbH subsidiary or importer, contact data please find:

c) Within 60 days of receipt of the complete documents and approval by KW automotive GmbH, the respective ST Cash Back amount will be paid to the participant by money transfer:
Within Europe: by KW automotive GmbH Germany

Outisde of Europe & UK: by the participating Importer or subsidiary of KW automotive GmbH contact data:
d) The submission date fort he participation at the ST Cash Back Campaign is September 30th 2023, valid is the date of e-mail reception.

10. For any questions and requests, a hotline is available for the participants under the telephone number +49 (0) 7971 / 9630 -120.

11. The submitted documents remain with the KW automotive GmbH.
Personal data such as name, address, etc. are saved and processed by KW automotive GmbH exclusively for this campaign. These data will be kept strictly confidential, will not be given to third parties or used for advertising purpose.

12. The KW automotive GmbH reserves the right to not process incomplete, incorrect, changed or illegal submissions. KW automotive GmbH takes no responsibility for delayed submissions or ones that got lost while being sent by mail. In case the participant does not get a feedback from KW within four weeks after the submission of his documents, the participant is asked to call the following campaign hotline: +49 (0)7971 / 9630 -120 without any obligations.

13. Participants that send incomplete data or documents will be notified and asked to provide the missing documents within 7 days. If the participant does not comply or sends incomplete documents again, the claim of refund does not apply anymore. In case of errors in the given data, KW automotive GmbH will not make any further transfers. KW automotive GmbH reserves the right to take legal action against abuse.

14. KW automotive GmbH may reclaim the refund if the customer cancels the purchase for whatever reason.

15. This offer cannot be used in combination with other sales promotions or special agreements with the KW automotive GmbH that are offered during the same period.