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The Ideal Driving Dynamics for Your 1-Series BMW (F40) with ST XTA plus 3

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your BMW? When you choose our popular ST XTA plus 3 coilovers for your 1-series BMW (F40), there’s no holding back. The ST XTA plus 3 is the number one choice for sport-oriented daily drivers. Also, we offer the ST XTA plus 3 for the MINI Clubman F54 2WD (Type UK-L, FMK) and the 2-series BMW Gran Coupe F44 2WD (Type F2GC).

Features of the ST XTA plus 3 Coilover Kit

  • Height-adjustability: This coilover kit allows the lowering your car. For the 1-series BMW (F40), the front axle can be lowered between 35 to 55 millimeters and the rear axle between 30 to 50 millimeters. The slightly more performance-orientated 1-series BMW M135i (F40) allows a front axle lowering of 25 to 45 millimeters and 20 to 40 millimeters at the rear axle
  • Adjustable damping setup: The ST XTA plus 3 allows highspeed and lowspeed compression and rebound damping adjustments – even after installation
  • Robust spring coating: With highly resistant powder coatings, the springs of the ST XTA plus 3 are well-prepared for various weather conditions. The highlight: The springs can be individually colored and personalized with your choice of inscription
  • Galvanized spring struts: Our galvanized and multiple-sealed spring strut housings offer the ideal protection against corrosion
  • Parts certificate: Always staying on the right side of the law with the ST Suspensions coilover kits. The ST XTA plus 3 always comes with a parts certificate, just like any other suspension in our lineup
  • Precise handling on the road and track with Unibal top mounts: With our top mounts, the front axle camber is adjustable. This increases the tire contact while cornering and provides more grip
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Why You Should Choose the ST XTA plus 3 for Your 1-series BMW (F40)

Precise handling like never before: The coilover kit – combined with professional lowering done by experts – enhances the feedback of your BMW on the road. The result: Perfect cornering and excellent roadholding. Due to the adjustable damping setup, you can fine tune your 1-series BMW into a more comfortable or sportier car. This makes the ST XTA plus 3 coilover kit the ideal suspension for frequent drivers and those who like to push the limits without compromising on driving safety.

The 1-series BMW and 1-series BMW M135i (F40) in Detail

The 1-series BMW (F40)

  • Available with various engine options in both gasoline and diesel variants
  • Three-cylinder front engine or four-cylinder front engine
  • Available in both front wheel and all-wheel drive
  • With or without electronic dampers

The 1-series BMW M135i (F40)

  • 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine
  • Up to 350 HP, depending on the variant
  • All-wheel drive
  • With or without electronic dampers
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ST Suspensions – Your Choice for Reliable Products with Personal Character

ST Suspensions is a popular, down-to-earth brand in the mid-range coilover tuning segment. In addition to unbeatable value and top quality, ST coilover kits stand out from other suspension brands due to their customizability. Here, springs can be painted and personalized according to the customer’s preferences. The ST XTA plus 3 is the result of our expertise and allow the perfect balance of performance and comfort for your 1-series BMW (F40) and 1-series M135i. ST Suspensions is a subsidiary of the KW automotive Group.

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